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The Wave Of Change


I remember back to my childhood and seeing my mother package words of wisdom
under the title, The Waves Of Change.  At the
time, these words were scripture in a heathen place.  They were prophecy among people who were holding on to the present with a vice grip, while being seduced into the changes of tomorrow.  They were right on time, ahead of it’s time and also…too late.  We were close to the biggest social change that has ever hit humanity…the globalization of the Internet.  For anyone who learned to embrace change, the 90s and 00s were a gold mine.  For anyone who feared change, the 90s and the 00s were a death knell.  In two decades, fundamental precepts of our way of life changed completely.  It became easier to lie to millions than to tell the truth to a single person.  It became easier to become famous in a week than to get a minimum-wage job.  It became easier to tell a believable lie to millions than to tell the truth to a critical few.  And it became easier to easier for folks to believe in a too far, too soon dream than to take the next steps toward real progress that is right in front of them.

It’s been a highly entertaining but utterly draining couple decades.  Those who embraced change did wonderful things for themselves.  Those who held on to the past, lost everything (or close to it).  And those who still cannot see are still being robbed of what they have.

We are in change.  The world is changing.  Our ways of life are changing.  Our upbringing is out-of-date, our mores are past due, and even core values are being trashed…because we are in change.  Air isn’t what it used to be, Water isn’t what it used to be, Weather isn’t what it used to be, Milk isn’t what it used to be, Math isn’t what it used to be, Economies aren’t what they used to be, Banks aren’t what they used to be, Jobs aren’t what they used to be, Relationships aren’t what they used to be, Education isn’t what it used to be, Governments aren’t what they used to be and even Healthcare isn’t what it used to be.  What used to be…isn’t.  It has changed.

We find ourselves in a time where the tactics of yesterday don’t work anymore.  There is nothing wrong with the core strategies or yesterday, those still point to a true north, but you have to go about these things differently now.  Because the rules, tools and fools of the game have changed.

Many of us long for things to go back to the way they were.  I want the old system where I knew the rules, the tools were familiar and the fools were simply lazy or ignorant.  I want the old way where education meant a good job and a good life.  I want the old way where my doctor could simply fix me.  I want the old way where “I do” led to 40-50+ years of marriage and a family in one piece.  I want the old way where being a good citizen was enough to keep me safe from predators.  I want the old way where the outsiders  were treated as outsiders and their alternative, amoral, Anti-(choose your faith) lifestyle was properly chastised and alienated, so that good, upstanding, patriotic folks like me could live our lives in relative peace.  To those who yearn for the past, the way things were, and the way you liked them…it has changed.  There is no path backward, only forward.  The waves of change have washed away the castles of yesterday.



  • BLOGGER'S NOTE: This piece was shared with me by a great friend of mine and I felt strongly that it should be shared with you too.  For more from this author, check out his (and his partner Angel's) website, Mark and Angel Hack Life. You are powerful when you believe in yourself – when you know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.  You are beautiful when your strength and determination shines as you follow your own path – when you aren’t disheveled by the obstacles along the way.  You are unstoppable when you let your mistakes educate you, as your confidence builds from experiences – when you know you can fall down, pick yourself up, and move forward. Here are 11 ways to become the person you love. (more…)
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