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Tour de Force (Disney style)

If you’ve ever needed evidence that it only takes a few resources to take big gifts and make something magical, I present you this. Continue reading

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They Don’t Rise to Low Expectations

There is very little I can say about this video that it doesn’t say for itself. The power of this is…the plain and simple truth. You are a role model… Continue reading

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Watch The Bible

Whether you are a believer or not, I hope you will take some time and look into this series, watch clips/episodes on youtube, and take in what you could not see before. Continue reading

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Being The President

What I wouldn’t give to have a President that is as confident/humble, honest, direct and powerful as this presentation.  I know it’s fiction, but looking at the real options only reminds me that our politics/leadership aren’t even close to what they could be.

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A Kickass Speech

A shout out to The Drinking Hat, an awesome blog with awesome content.  This video came from that blog and it is available on YouTube, but it is just too good not to repost. By the way, despite the obviously similarities, that is not Hitler.  It’s from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator“.

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Fanaticism and Arrogance

When did we all become so self-focused that we forgot the core attribute of free speech…differing opinions? Continue reading

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