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Get Your Shit Together – a concept

CarpeBootium Crew, I would like your thoughts on a project that I have been working on.  Admittedly, the audio and timing aren’t as perfect as they could be but I wanted to get some feedback as to whether this will resonate before putting in the time to perfect the craft.  If you have some time … Continue reading

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Butterfly, Better Fly

A while back I started a VLOG discussing my experience with spiritual transformation, mostly the positive aspects.  Out of that came a need to re-title it and express the meaning of that.  Out of that came this…I hope you enjoy.

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I’m Not The Average Black Girl

Fortunately Arsenio Hall had the good sense to bring this woman onto his show to perform one of her spoken word pieces. Take a listen and switch your mind from the identity politics of the day and understand a bit more about the politics of identity. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Tour de Force (Disney style)

If you’ve ever needed evidence that it only takes a few resources to take big gifts and make something magical, I present you this. Continue reading

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Bodies in Motion…simply awesome!

Just enjoying the remarkable things that people are able to do with their bodies. Whether or not you consider it dancing, you have to admit it’s pretty spectacular. Continue reading

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Who Has Your Ear?

There are more voices, opinions, beliefs, and thoughts available to us now than at any time ever in human history. When I take the time to reflect, I can hear those voices that best speak to me and remind me of who I am and who I am becoming. Continue reading

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The Wife Hack

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Mr. Dingo: Don’t Eat My Baby

There are times when government truly does things that protect the interests of it’s people.  Then there are times where the government puts the Dingo in charge of the Daycare (too foreign a reference for you?  Ok, they’re leaving foxes in the hen house.  Better?  Good!).  It’s in comedy form but don’t be mistaken, the … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! Get Me Out Of Here!!!

Congratulations to you all that work Monday through Friday jobs! You have made it to the end of your work week and now you can take off to Rio, or Cozumel, or Bora Bora, or even Cleveland!!! What? You can’t just head to your local airport and take off to destinations unknown for adventure at the drop of a hat? Well I might suggest otherwise. You have two of the greatest travel vehicles ever created. Continue reading

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Crew Member: Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

If you’ve been following Carpe Bootium, you know there are two things that absolutely drive us wild here:

Appreciating how booty-ful you are

Well this song by this young lady (Meghan Trainor) celebrates both and it’s just a lot of fun. Continue reading

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