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The Ghosts of the Confederacy

How did we become so easy to sway that several incidents shootings at black churches by young white racist men became a discussion about a flag?  Do we have national ADD?  Unless someone can make a convincing argument that Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis were the shooters…it’s not the most important issue that we’re facing here.  A symbol of a racist past is bad. Racism is even worse.  You know what’s worse than that?  Organized domestic terrorism against a non-aggressor public based on racial, or any other demographic, membership.

These were acts of domestic terrorism carried out by a hate group within the borders of our country.  The acts were bad enough if not for the preferential treatment and supporters along the way.  There are groups, such as the Council for Conservative Citizens (CCC or KKK, doesn’t change much) that are defending Dylann Roof.  There are groups, such as Neo-Nazis, that are attacking the people who turned up Roof’s website with his “racist manifesto”.  The cops that arrested Roof bought him a burger and either gave him, or let him keep, a bullet-proof vest.  Dylann Roof got better treatment for “allegedly” killing nine black people in a church than Eric Garner did for “allegedly” selling loose cigarettes.  These are the issues at hand.

People died…and the media wants you to believe a flag is to blame.  He was originally given to a judge who had no problem using the N-word in court…but gun control is the problem.  He has defenders and supporters for a violent hate crime…but Republicans/Democrats are to blame.  He openly said he wanted to kill black people and start a race war…but media folks and politicians “will never know why” he killed those folks.  There were two other attacks on black churches in different cities that same night…there is little to no news of those attacks and no one is looking at these attacks as a coordinated effort carried out by a group.

Seriously folks, give me a break. If you watched this in a movie you would leave because you would never believe that people could be that dumb. This is real life and wag the dog is happening right now. We know the enemy and it is within our walls. It’s the name no one wants to say but this boogieman hasn’t left, it just grew stronger in silence. So do we shine a light on it and take it on? No, we talk about something else and let it continue to grow in silence.


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I am a modern-day pirate. I travel the world and trade in today's currency, information. I sail through opportunity, comedy, history and strategy to turn turbulent into tournament, chaotic into cathartic, and embarrassing into emboldening. There are none who should fear me save two: Those who have what I want and those who get in my way. Are you done sailing your calm waters with strong undertow? Have you your fill of empty treasure and oasis destinations? Well good...come and join my crew! We're a lively lot from all over the world but be forewarned...anyone attempting to drop anchor will be thrown overboard, shot, harpooned and then marooned on an isle of cannibals. We move on! If you are ready...welcome aboard the Carpe Bootium!


4 thoughts on “The Ghosts of the Confederacy

  1. America will always be the land of the free and the home of the brave.Those who utter poison out of their mouth ought to be ashamed of themselves.He who accuses the others ,he himself is the divider and the arrogant.

    Posted by jmsabbagh | June 24, 2015, 9:58 PM
    • I completely agree with your first two sentences. As for accusation, I call it like it is and I’m not going to be sidetracked from the truth by a deceitful media, weak condemnation for speaking a divisive truth or someone saying that I’m spreading poison. I want a united country and that requires truth and acceptance. My job is speaking truth and letting people accept or change what is.

      Posted by carpebootium | June 25, 2015, 1:39 AM
  2. Not if no one will speak it.

    Posted by carpebootium | June 25, 2015, 1:43 AM

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