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You Can’t Have ‘It All’…You Can Have What You Want

LZ Granderson is a columnist for CNN.com and what I would call the current generation’s Andy Rooney.  His columns include most aspects of the human experience in America and he does a fair job of being fair and balanced (not in a FOX News kind of way).

In this column he speaks on what has become a significant discussion in this country.  Can a professional woman “have it all”?  Much of this debate stems from stories like Yahoo’s CEO (Marissa Meyer) or Facebook’s COO (Sheryl Sandberg).  Still, this is no different from the lives of successful women throughout history…Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Hillary Clinton, Halle Berry, Madonna, Gloria Steinem, and the list goes on and on.  The key for those women is the same as the key for the women of today, and anyone else who wishes to chase professional success (however they define it).

You make choices about what you want and what you are willing to do without.  Historically men have made one choice a majority of the time, either because it was expected of them or just because it was available to them.  Now that the tides are swinging toward equality in the workforce (I’m not saying that we are there yet, but we’re much further along than we used to be), those choices are available to women.  The question that many aspiring and successful women are asking is can we have it all?  The answer is no because you have to make a choice.  From here I’ll let Mr. Granderson explain it, he does a much better job of it.

Men don’t have it all either (CNN.com)


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