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Progress for Congress

It’s not often that I use this forum as a Call to Action, but in this instance I feel that it is very important.  A tremendous amount of attention has been paid to the upcoming Presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Because it is the presidency it is important for a number of reasons.  Having said that, there are other very important elections happening on election day.

These two bodies hold a tremendous amount of power, to make or stop progress in this country.  As anyone who has followed American politics over the last four years can attest, our Congress is broken by the factional politics of extremists on both sides of the philosophical aisle and an inability to compromise with each other.  As a country we cannot allow this to continue.  Whatever your beliefs, please pay close attention to the Senate and House elections for your area and vote according to who you believe will serve the American people.

Remember, we are hiring workers and not spiritual leaders!


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