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RG III is more powerful than Eli Manning

Now before you go on a rant or a flame war that would make ESPN blush, I’m not talking about the football teams, exactly.  I’m talking about their respective influence on the upcoming Presidential election.  Follow me here…

In the United States, the Presidential election is decided by the Electoral College (EC).  There are 538 total EC votes and a candidate has to win a majority (270) to win the election.  Each state/district gets a certain number of EC votes, loosely based on the % of population that lives in that state or district.

  • State of New York: 1 EC vote per 668K people
  • District of Columbia.: 1 EC vote per 200K people
    • Given the number of low voter participation rate (57%)  and high incarceration rate (4th among cities/counties, 8th if you count it among states), the power of the D.C. voter is even greater than it appears.

Advantage: Robert Griffin III (+233%)


Still, RG III lives in Virginia and Eli lives in New Jersey

  • New Jersey: 1 EC vote per 628K people
  • Virginia: 1 EC vote per 615K people

Advantage: Robert Griffin III (+2%)

For RG III vs. Michael Vick and RG III vs. Tony Romo comparisons, click here


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