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I AM…Now and Forever More

I am
Whether I want to be or not
I am

I came to be
I was selected…as I am
I was incubated…as I am
I was evolved…as I am
I was cultivated…as I am
I was born…as I am
I came to be
As I am

I was cared for enough
To be born
To be born of a woman
To have been implanted into her body
To have been invested of her spirit
To have invaded her every system of life
To become
To be cum
Come into her life
To become her strife
I was cared for enough
To be
As I am

I was raised enough
People loved me to protect me
To feed me
To clothe me
To wash me
To teach me
To guide me
To scold me
To take on the responsibility of making and remaking me
Molding and shaping me
To be
As I am

I was disappointed
I was told there was a tooth fairy
Only to find my tooth under my pillow
I was told there was a Santa Clause
Only to find my mother’s gifts
I was told two parents loved me
Only to find one absentee
I was told there was fairness
Only to find someone took my turn
I was told we were safe
Only to find danger around every corner
I was told we were well
Only to find sickness and dis-ease in our veins
I was told
I listened
I believed
I was shown differently
I was disappointed
To be
As I am

I was loved enough
To be counted among HIS flock
To be accounted blameless for the flaws of the human condition
To be given examples of the divine in life
To be surrounded by the divine everywhere
To be provided opportunity in places, in ways and in times
Beyond what I deserve
To have a place reserved for me
At the table of the Most High
To have HIS counsel in my bewilderment
To have HIS light in my darkest places
To have HIS peace in the din
To have HIS heart beat within
To have HIS likeness…HIS spirit…HIS essence
In me
I was loved enough
As I am
I am in love with who I am
I AM made me who I am
I am love
Now and forever more

© 2012 His-Stor-E


About carpebootium

I am a modern-day pirate. I travel the world and trade in today's currency, information. I sail through opportunity, comedy, history and strategy to turn turbulent into tournament, chaotic into cathartic, and embarrassing into emboldening. There are none who should fear me save two: Those who have what I want and those who get in my way. Are you done sailing your calm waters with strong undertow? Have you your fill of empty treasure and oasis destinations? Well good...come and join my crew! We're a lively lot from all over the world but be forewarned...anyone attempting to drop anchor will be thrown overboard, shot, harpooned and then marooned on an isle of cannibals. We move on! If you are ready...welcome aboard the Carpe Bootium!


2 thoughts on “I AM…Now and Forever More

  1. Nice

    Posted by Ma | May 6, 2012, 1:19 AM


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