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How do I unwind?

You asked me how do I unwind
How do I relax
How do I shake the dirt, grime, and weight of responsibilities past, present, and future from the seams of my life
How do I breakthrough the block of frustration, anxiety, paranoia, stress and anger that clouds my mind
Now I’ll answer

I unwind by experiencing
I unwind by interacting
I unwind by doing what no one else can do
What no one else can see
What no one else can have
I experience situations, conversations, actions, reactions
I experience music and art and philosophy and humor
I experience movement in connection with everything and everyone around me
I experience the pull that everyone has on me and me pulling back on them
I live
So that I may kill
That which attempts to grow
Inside me
By shrinking the pieces of me

In my last trip I experienced
I lived a combination of events that no one has ever had
I experienced something that can’t be copied, bought or DVR’d
It is a one of a kind and it is mine for all time

It was a “she’s four nuts away from having a nice ass” kinda night
It was a “licking her stanky sore bald wet hot pussy” kinda night
It was a Jewish DJ spinning hip-hop for Asian breakdancers kinda night
It was a shot of Jack Daniels in a Dixie cup listening to a piano player play and sing “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places” kinda night
It was a peaceful walk through downtown Raleigh kinda night
It was a night for young ladies to look at me like the kind old guy at the bar and wonder why I would be interested in breakdancing kinda night
It was a watching a young ambitious 22-year old guy hit on every chick in a bar only to fuck it up every time kinda night
It was a walking and not knowing where you’re going but when you find it, it calls to you kinda night
It was a 75 up I-40 and 55 down Rt. 55 kinda night
It was a “so just how dusty is your vagina” kinda night
It was a completely wrong and just right kinda night
It was my experience
It was something I’ll never have to give away and can only lose if I forget it
It was something only the persons in that place, in that time, at that apex of history can have
It won’t happen again
It did happen to me

How can you help me unwind?
Experience with me
Share your experiences with me
Create experiences in our own places, in our own times, and on those apexes we will stand having shared what only we could create
Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, education and games are all well and good
But they are not genuine experience
And can never approach it

My drug of choice is to create with those I love and enjoy) that which no others can
And savor them
Their rich greasy floral pungent aroma
Their hand on the back with sharp nails bass in your bones and JD on the tongue massage
Their was I really there did they really say that this can’t be happening but it’s so fucking cool memento
I want to unwind and share my drug of choice, my medi-sin, my high-definition tantra with you

© 2012 His-Stor-E


About carpebootium

I am a modern-day pirate. I travel the world and trade in today's currency, information. I sail through opportunity, comedy, history and strategy to turn turbulent into tournament, chaotic into cathartic, and embarrassing into emboldening. There are none who should fear me save two: Those who have what I want and those who get in my way. Are you done sailing your calm waters with strong undertow? Have you your fill of empty treasure and oasis destinations? Well good...come and join my crew! We're a lively lot from all over the world but be forewarned...anyone attempting to drop anchor will be thrown overboard, shot, harpooned and then marooned on an isle of cannibals. We move on! If you are ready...welcome aboard the Carpe Bootium!


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