About CarpeBootium:

Welcome aboard the CarpeBootium!  This vessel is for our crew to divine the waters of mundane and sail to extraordinary.  You are part of the crew and a big part of whether or not we will reach our destinations.  On-board we contribute to the larger journey as well as contribute to each individuals journey.  If my extraordinary is Niagra Falls and yours is the Galapagos Islands, we’ll support each other and reach both places.  Whereas most pirate ships travel via wind and current, we will travel via information and talent.  This be a place for sharing ideas, sharing knowledge, and sharing opportunities that power us to our port of call.  Along the way we will share humor, art, observations and all of the beauty that makes the journey worthwhile.

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About the Author:

I am many things. Many things you would know by looking at me and many things you would not know. I am too smart to be an intellectual and too ADHD to be an academic. I believe that some believe I live in “the Greatest Country in the World.” I believe you are both right and wrong in that. I believe that I am the progeny of many people, many races, many struggles, many successes and still many more choices. I have an obligation to embrace the heritage handed down to me and continue the journey left to my generation. I used to believe actions spoke louder than words, but then I saw the 2000 election. I now know that words, uttered enough times by enough people for long enough will always move us farther than just actions. So these are my words. I’m sure you have yours, feel free to share them. I have some rules for this blog: 1. I welcome debate on any opinion or statement I make but I reserve the right to take the discussion off-line; 2. If I feel that a comment is being used to subvert the topic I reserve the right to remove the comment from the blog.; 3. ANY comments made with more-rhetoric-than-fact WILL BE REMOVED.

If you do nothing else in this life, enjoy it!

If you’re not, then you’re not doing it right!

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